62 Commits (master)

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  Amanda Cameron ad0db2b37c mods/oc2: Use latest CI build again since it should be working. 3 weeks ago
  Amanda Cameron acd9d37a0a mods: Apparently I never added BA in the first place! \o/ 4 weeks ago
  Amanda Cameron d62230849a mods: Mark BA as disabled by default. 4 weeks ago
  Amanda Cameron 5c1060b0bb mods: Add betteradvancements as an optional client-side mods. 4 weeks ago
  Amanda Cameron 7122e9acdb mods/rats: Let's downgrade to 7.1.1 as the wiki says we should. 4 weeks ago
  Amanda Cameron cfe32ac954 mods: Add happytrails so we can travel faster around. 4 weeks ago
  Amanda Cameron 804d9535ac mods/oc: Oops, forgot to merge my sedna fix as well. 1 month ago
  Amanda Cameron 3ff4f17832 mods/oc: Another patch fix, fixing the server crash as well. 1 month ago
  Amanda Cameron ae2d901c6d mods: Update OC again with a patch to fix a missing null check. 1 month ago
  Amanda Cameron 3e4bbf0768 mods: Oops, forgot the new version. 1 month ago
  Amanda Cameron 5f7d71679a mods: Update OC2 again. 1 month ago
  Amanda Cameron 626f073684 mods: OC2 now has a new dep, too. 1 month ago
  Amanda Cameron 1afecaa4e9 let's use a version of OC2 that actually can run! 1 month ago
  Amanda Cameron 4c9ce2d6aa mods: Switch us to upstream OC2 for some updates. 1 month ago
  Amanda Cameron 8abab73a89 config: Revert quark TE change as it wasn't the problem. 1 month ago
  Amanda Cameron 09a9154cec mods: remove psipherals as it causes a client-side crash. 1 month ago
  Amanda Cameron 4fa8f51715 quark: Disable pistions from moving TE's 1 month ago
  Amanda Cameron ec4f8f0355 mods: Add Psi, Psionic Peripherals, Toolbelt. 1 month ago
  Amanda Cameron 1f582b2d02 mods: Update all, incl. some .yaml fixes. 1 month ago
  Amanda Cameron dfef79db40 config(iceandfire): Disable pixie spawning. 1 month ago
  Amanda Cameron 1dcbec075f servers: Add old IP to the list until we can debug the new one's failure. 1 month ago
  Amanda Cameron 5994341608 Fix servers.dat for ipv6 connectivity. 1 month ago
  Amanda Cameron c0dd1c4efd Add new mods to mods.yaml, ignore v9.pack 1 month ago
  dequbed 618cee5f91 Better Animals+ and no packfile 1 month ago
  dequbed a900284845 Adds Gravestones & Backpacks 1 month ago
  Amanda Cameron 4994ca2ca0 IE: Let's try just-new-enough build. 1 month ago
  Amanda Cameron add9731af2 Stamp a new version into IE 1 month ago
  Amanda Cameron 235e96270c Update to a pre-release version of IE to fix a client crash. 1 month ago
  Amanda Cameron 96928c8f55 Update servers.dat with the Survival server 1 month ago
  Amanda Cameron 02ba7dcc43 Let's try a custom build of MovePlus with https://github.com/Corosauce/MovePlus/blob/1.16/src/main/java/com/corosus/moveplus/forge/ClientTicker.java#L311 commented out. 1 month ago
  Amanda Cameron 10f4647109 mods: Add Tiny Coal, so that MineColonies cooks & blacksmiths aren't burning resources. 2 months ago
  Amanda Cameron 1bd103ec92 config/citadel: Disable the "Track Entities" config, as it's behind the log spam. 2 months ago
  Amanda Cameron 19d45a8ac8 little-g again. 2 months ago
  Amanda Cameron f9edf7cf97 flags: Ghostwriter is capital. 2 months ago
  Amanda Cameron 8a1b756daf Rename ghostwriter so the client-side-only flag will work. 2 months ago
  Amanda Cameron d885f7ace7 Merge changes into master 2 months ago
  Amanda Cameron f4154a5cbf Update the world 2 months ago
  dequbed b7e22700c3 Test commit 2 months ago
  Gregor Reitzenstein 84ccdf4d33 Merge branch 'master' of git.comfix.cc:Plabs/minecraft-v9 2 months ago
  Gregor Reitzenstein c20d3ea406 I hope that doens't brick stuff q.q 2 months ago
  dequbed c2209525e1 No immersive portals because eeeeh lag 2 months ago
  Amanda Cameron d6ea5a37a1 Remove v9 pack as per dequbed's wishes. 2 months ago
  dequbed 9693d39e5a Required libraries for P:R 2 months ago
  dequbed 3bfaa5d1b2 P:R and Ghostwriter 2 months ago
  dequbed 070ccdfebd Chunk loading and mobspawner glass 3 months ago
  dequbed 541d996ada Also, rats config 3 months ago
  dequbed f1706d4ecf whoops 3 months ago
  dequbed 58b23c0458 Adding a Botania addon 3 months ago
  dequbed 6268084f4a Adds immersive portals 3 months ago
  dequbed 7c72676afb Adds rats mod 3 months ago