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NGINX RTMP Auth Server

This is a small flask app that provides the neccesary routes for nginx to bo able to rewrite RTMP stream keys.

You can view the NGINX-RTMP Module here


  1. Setup virtualenv

    git clone
    cd ./rtmp-auth-server
    virtualenv ./venv
    source venv/bin/activate
    pip install -r requirements.txt
  2. Tell NGINX to use the rtmp-auth-server

    application live {
        /* ... */
        notify_method post;
        on_publish http://localhost:3196/on_publish;
        on_publish_done http://localhost:3196/on_publish_done;
        on_play http://localhost:3196/on_play;
        /* ... */
  3. Add stream keys
    Copy the config.sample.yml to config.yml

        superstreamer: eafhg46ef4g8er4g6e1ge8r1g47e9g1

Start up

/path/to/project/venv/bin/python /path/to/project/

Basic functionality

HTTP Resonses:

  • 200: authenticated
  • 302: authenticated, stream will be rewritten to human readable name
  • 400: unknown stream key, show error in streaming software